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Here we will tell you about what we do and why, as well as updating you on the progress of our projects and our partcipators.

Feel free to comment as we welcome an open dialogue with anyone who is interested in what we are doing.

By Folkus Point cic, Jul 12 2016 07:26AM

We are now delighted to announce that we are able to offer a great value package of wedding photography to couples and families in the Leeds, Bradford, York, Wakefield areas, and in fact all around West Yorkshire.

Have a look at the galleries for more details about our offer, but basically it gives the happy couple 4hours of wedding photography and video clips for just £250! With 5 hours at £350!

Just give us the time and place you want us to be and we will do the rest- be it from well before the ceremony to the reception, or from the start of the ceremony until well into the evening, we would be honoured to photograph and video your wedding.

For that price you have at least one photographer taking candid shots of the happy couple and their friends & family, with a range of nicely edited images delivered on a USB memory stick, a DVD, or for you to download from the cloud. We guarantee at least 50 shots, and often provide many more, so you will not be short of memories from your special day!

By Folkus Point cic, Dec 7 2012 09:24AM

We recently met with MacMillan Cancer Support to dicsuss many and various possible connections and joint-working opportunities.

One idea which has come out of the meeting is a fund-raising calendar to help us both to bring in much needed revenue to help us both carry out our work. While MacMillan are in a completely different arena to ourselves, being a huge and hugely successful charity who support people with cancer across the country in many and various ways, they are always looking for good ways to continue to develop that work. We always feel that calendars are a great way of getting a message across to people which stays with them through the year.

They are also an ideal way of displaying the pictures which can be produced through our community work for the benefit of both the owner of the calendar and the photographer themselves.

What we are hoping to do is to gather together a group of well respected people from the world of the arts from Leeds and across the country to judge a photography competition, the prize for which will be inclusion in a calendar which will be distributed across Leeds, with special focus on the large student community here.

Local buisnesses will be invited to sponsor the caledndar so that they can connect their names with MacMillan and ourselves, as well as giving themelves some much needed publicity into the bargain.

At the moment we are approaching some local big names in the world of the arts, so if anyone reading this in the winter of 2012/13 has connections to such a person, please drop us a line and let us know how we can reach them.

We will update as soon as we have more details.

By Folkus Point cic, Jul 31 2012 10:02AM

Last night saw the launch of an ongoing exhibition of art work from members of Arts And Minds at the Voodoo Bar in Headingley, Leeds.

Arts and Minds is an NHS-funded groups which supports people with mental health challenges through the arts, to help keep them out of the health system and aid their continued personal growth.

The night was a great success, with refreshments, superb live music and a great atmosphere.

We displayed some of the images we have taken as part of our work with Woodward Court Care Home as well as a few images for sale.

Here are a few pics of the event and our exhibition space within it.

By Folkus Point cic, Jul 11 2012 08:39AM

Jacobs: Sad News

There has been sad news this week that Jacob's Digital, the independant photography store, has closed down, having gone into receivership last month.

Jacob's were always very helpful to Folkus point and we bought all our photography equipment there at a reasonable discount.

It is a sad state of affairs when a good value (their full prices were as low as many online retailers), indepenantly run shop which offers expertise and sound advice can't survive.

Unfortunately the staff there are victims of the economic downturn and the loss of "luxury" shopping in the high street has put a lot of good people out of work.

Good luck to all Jacob's ex-staff. We hope you find new employment very soon and thank you for your service and support.

By Folkus Point cic, Jul 9 2012 08:32AM

As we have posted in our last blog entry, in May we were commssioned to carry out a series of six, weekly workshops for the clients of Northcall Community Centre in Leeds. That series of workshops have now ended and we are delighted with the results- that's the photographs and the feedback we have had from the participants.

Northcall is a hidden gem of a centre for those of you who haven't ventured on to the Moortown estate off the North Leeds ring road. They run all kinds of activities for local people, young and old alike and although their funding is going the same way as everyone else's in these times of government and charity cut-backs they are still a shining example of what Society (Big or Small) can look like locally.

One programme they did want to run- and for which they were able to find the funding- was our photography workshops, and so we were delighted to take over a large part of the centre every Thursday morning for two hours with an open invitation to local people to come along and engage their creativity to develop new skills and meet new friends (and old ones).

The sessions were well attended, with us to 14 people coming along, and a core of 12 people being there pretty much every week. The range of experience levels and previous experience of photography was very wide, with some participants being at a much more advanced stage in their photography than others. Everyone was very happy to work together to encourage and develop each other's ideas and skills in a way which built a good group bond and was mutally beneficial.

The feedback we have received has been very positive, with allparticipants saying that our tutor, Steve Rayner, was great (which we know already, but it's always good to hear again!) and that they would like more sessions and workshops in the future, if at all possible.

The clear feedback was that the sessions helped with creativity, confidence and ion building friendships, which means a great deal to us, as that is what we are looking to achieve, as much as building photography skills.

Pictures will follow when we have processed them and I am sure that everyone who sees them will be impressed by some of the results from the beginners and more experienced photograhers alike.

Thank you Northcall for working with us- we look forward to working together more in the future.

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