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Northcall Community Centre Project

By Folkus Point cic, Jul 9 2012 08:32AM

As we have posted in our last blog entry, in May we were commssioned to carry out a series of six, weekly workshops for the clients of Northcall Community Centre in Leeds. That series of workshops have now ended and we are delighted with the results- that's the photographs and the feedback we have had from the participants.

Northcall is a hidden gem of a centre for those of you who haven't ventured on to the Moortown estate off the North Leeds ring road. They run all kinds of activities for local people, young and old alike and although their funding is going the same way as everyone else's in these times of government and charity cut-backs they are still a shining example of what Society (Big or Small) can look like locally.

One programme they did want to run- and for which they were able to find the funding- was our photography workshops, and so we were delighted to take over a large part of the centre every Thursday morning for two hours with an open invitation to local people to come along and engage their creativity to develop new skills and meet new friends (and old ones).

The sessions were well attended, with us to 14 people coming along, and a core of 12 people being there pretty much every week. The range of experience levels and previous experience of photography was very wide, with some participants being at a much more advanced stage in their photography than others. Everyone was very happy to work together to encourage and develop each other's ideas and skills in a way which built a good group bond and was mutally beneficial.

The feedback we have received has been very positive, with allparticipants saying that our tutor, Steve Rayner, was great (which we know already, but it's always good to hear again!) and that they would like more sessions and workshops in the future, if at all possible.

The clear feedback was that the sessions helped with creativity, confidence and ion building friendships, which means a great deal to us, as that is what we are looking to achieve, as much as building photography skills.

Pictures will follow when we have processed them and I am sure that everyone who sees them will be impressed by some of the results from the beginners and more experienced photograhers alike.

Thank you Northcall for working with us- we look forward to working together more in the future.

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