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Sad News: Jacobs Closes

By Folkus Point cic, Jul 11 2012 08:39AM

Jacobs: Sad News

There has been sad news this week that Jacob's Digital, the independant photography store, has closed down, having gone into receivership last month.

Jacob's were always very helpful to Folkus point and we bought all our photography equipment there at a reasonable discount.

It is a sad state of affairs when a good value (their full prices were as low as many online retailers), indepenantly run shop which offers expertise and sound advice can't survive.

Unfortunately the staff there are victims of the economic downturn and the loss of "luxury" shopping in the high street has put a lot of good people out of work.

Good luck to all Jacob's ex-staff. We hope you find new employment very soon and thank you for your service and support.

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