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Here we will tell you about what we do and why, as well as updating you on the progress of our projects and our partcipators.

Feel free to comment as we welcome an open dialogue with anyone who is interested in what we are doing.

By Folkus Point cic, May 25 2012 08:41AM

In the past couple of weeks we have started a series of workshops in conjunction with Northcall Community Centre in Moortown, Leeds.

Here we can see Steve, our tutor and facilitator addressing the group on a lovely May morning.

The group are made up of regulars at the centre and have a real mix of experience and technical knowledge of photography, but all are keen and enthusiastic- making for a lively and fun group.

As well as straight forward photography training the group are developing (pardon the pun) their social circle and their outside interests and highlights the fact that at Folkus Point we are not just for people with cpmlex and special needs, but also for the general population who are looking for more reasons to get out of the house, new ways of making friends and growing their range of interests and hobbies.

All the attendees have brought their own cameras, in some cases just small digital "snapshot" cameras, in other cases there are rather nice DSLRs. In both cases we are ehlping them to make the most of their cameras and to get a, hopefully, positive experience which will encourage them to take this hobby further.

A full report and images from the course will follow in a few weeks when the course is done.

By Folkus Point cic, Feb 16 2012 10:06AM

As a way of spreading the word about what we do at Folkus Point and building relationships with local Social Enterprises we have decided to offer our photography services FREE of charge to organisations and community groups which would like some pictures of their place of business or the building from which they operate for publicity purposes.

How It Works:

We will take pictures of your building or anything else you would like pictures of if you are based in, or around, Leeds at times we think are most photogenic- we will then post these pictures on our Facebook page and Twitter feed so that you can link to us on either social networking site (if you like the pictures we have taken).

That way people can see you at your best and become familiar with where you are, without it costing you anything.

Sound like a fair deal? We think so!

Here are some images we have taken of Create restaurant in Leeds as an example of what we can do for you (they are taken over the winter months, so are not the brightest, but we think they are quite nice):

By Folkus Point cic, Jan 17 2012 03:35PM

“Oooo that’d make a good shot, I’m sure!” … “There’s a great photograph in there somewhere, but where?!”… “Just over that hill must a great shot!” … “Look at that sunrise: There must be an award winning shot here!” … “Arrgh, where can I pull up to capture that view?!”

Sound familiar to any amateur photographers out there?

These and many other similar thoughts go through my head on an almost constant basis and I’m just a "hobby" photographer. I don’t belong to any clubs or groups so I have no external pressure to produce images of breath-taking beauty on a regular basis, but since I came back to photography after a long break I find my mind-set is altered in a way which redefines my relationship with my environment.

In other words: I look around me and enjoy my surroundings wherever I am and whatever the conditions, but pretty much purely from the point of view that I need to get a good photograph out of it.

My question to myself is: Is this a good thing, or bad?

My answer? Well, let me weigh up the options and see upon which side of the fence I fall:

On the plus side, I am at least looking around me in a way which I honestly don’t think non-photographers do and which I didn’t do during my hobby-break. True I am only doing so with an eye for a benefit, but it is happening. Also on the plus side, I am actually getting some nice shots as a result. Pictures which I would not be taking if I were limiting myself to studio shots or designated “photography time”.

The downside? As with many photographers, I suspect, I find it hard work to see a lovely sunrise/sunset and positively headache inducing to see a beautiful view, be it cityscape or countryside. And driving past an icy pond, a field of bright yellow rape or golden corn dotted with blood-red poppy heads on a motorway or dual carriageway with no place to safely stop? Agony!

Many pasttimes have corollaries and analogous themes, and I see my unplanned and spontaneous image-capturing as akin to fishing; trainspotting (not past times in which I have any interest, I hasten to add) or bird-watching (which I do enjoy), in that the stress, thought and work I put in to finding l’image-juste (a phrase what I have just made up, and with which I am rather pleased!) fades as a distant memory and is supplanted by feelings which make all the searching and waiting well worthwhile.

After all I just wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Would I?

By Folkus Point cic, Dec 29 2011 10:14AM

As 2011 closes many people will find themselves reflecting on the year gone by and planning for the coming 12 months. We at Folkus Point are no different.

2011 was our founding year and as so was, necessarily, a good year. It could have been better, with more projects and fewer hiccups, but participatory photography is a fluid and versatile form of support so we must expect to be equally versatile in the way that we offer our services. One of the joys of this year has been the way we have worked with other providers of support and care to find the most appropriate services for their clients as efficiently as possible.

We are in a much stronger position at the start of 2012 to offer the right services in the right way- That is to say services which will help people most and which they actually want in a form which will give them the most suppport. That is something to be proud of and to take forward into the new year.

2011 saw us deliver projects, exhibitions, products and support to a range of people and organisations and build some very valuable connections with charities and community groups across the area. We intend to build on these throughout 2012 to work with many more groups and people.

One area we are looking to develop is employability. There are few more pressing needs in the poorer parts of West Yorkshire than youth employment and we believe that building skills and confidence in the young unemployed is something we can do which will have high impact and possitive results. Watch this space for updates as they happen.

We also intend to look at homelessness, and to work with Bigg Issue In The North to support the homeless in telling their story to the wider community. While we are ware that the impact we can make in this area is limited we also know that participatory photography is an ideal way for the homeless and disenfranchised to tell the wider world about their lives and the challenges they face.

With the books we are also looking to produce to support our work we believe that 2012 will be a very good year for Filkus Point and the people we serve!

By Folkus Point cic, Oct 31 2011 04:16PM

*NEW* for late 2011

We have an exciting new offering which we think will be of interest to any- and all- charities and social enterprises in Leeds and the surrounding area. It will allow organisations to combine the marketing of their services with fund raising. In fact with our help you can publicise your good works, show your stakeholders and contributors how you are benefiting the people with whom you work, reach new audiences all year round and actually RAISE much needed funds in the process.

If you run a charity or not-for-profit group such as a Community Interest Company or a Community Group (including scout troupes, guides, armed forces cadet/training corps) one of our professional photographers will visit you on a monthly basis at a date and time agreed with yourselves- FREE OF CHARGE- and record your normal daily activity or special events. We can start this process of monthly photography immediately (Nov 2011, as I write this) and continue into September 2012, so that you will have a wide selection of images from which to choose your favourites.

We will then edit, compile and design the pictures into a calendar, greetings cards or any products of your choice which you can buy from us at a low enough price for you to be able to sell them on to raise funds for your work.

If you are not confident that you can sell enough of these items to make a return on your investment, why not team up with other groups and organisations to share the expense and the rewards?

Contact us for details at and we will happily discuss how this programme could best work for you.

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