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OK, so here's the (not so) small print:


Firstly- we operate in West Yorkshire and the City Of York.  For weddings outside these areas please contact us for quotes.


OUR PHOTOGRAPHY services include either 4 hours, or 5 hours, in a row of photography on the wedding day.  If you pay for 4 hours and we run over time for whatever reason we will NOT charge you unless the time goes over into the 5th hour and you agree to the extra payment at the time.


The same applies to the 5 hour package, we will NOT charge you extra for anything up to 59 minutes, and we will never change the amount we charge you without agreeing it with you first.


HOWEVER, we do reserve the right to leave after our time is officially no longer being paid for if we need to for other commitments.


Any extra hours, over and above the 5 hour limit will be charged at £150.  Again, we will NEVER charge you for extra time without agreeing it with you first.


We will edit your images to make them as attractive as possible, with things such as removal of background objects, changes in colour (including Black and White) etc. at NO extra charge.  However if you would like more editing done after we have submitted them we MAY ask you to pay extra, depending on the amount of work needed.


Our preferred style of photography is the “natural” and “relaxed” photographs you see on our website.  If you would like formal portraits of individuals and groups, we would be happy to accommodate with pictures of any people who will pose for us during our allotted time.


OUR VIDEOS are made using short video clips we shoot during the day and the best of the still photographs we take.  For copyright purposes we cannot set these videos to your favourite music, but we will specially commission and buy IN music which fits the mood of your day.


As with all photographers, all images and video taken belong to us, but you are free to use them however you wish.  We provide electronic versions of all images and videos, so that you can print out as many copies as you like in your own home and send them on to guests, family and friends.


Ask us about our printing service if you would like us to print any images professionally for you.


Please let us know if you have any special requirements, or questions and all the best on your lives together!